Friday, February 23, 2007

Peak A Boo

From Dawn, one of Write4U's readers:

"At Peekaboo, we are dedicated to providing our readers with the highest quality editorial content and trend-savvy insight. Our goal is to become a multi-faceted resource for the modern parent. In pursuit of this goal, we are excited to be launching our Features Segment and are currently looking for high quality writers to join our staff. Our ideal candidate is a mother (or father) who prides themselves on staying on top of the latest in baby and toddler trends. We are looking for someone who enjoys writing and can bring a unique voice to our publication. This is a great opportunity for writers looking to build their portfolio and increase their clips. All writers will be credited on our site with a bio. While we are not able to offer any monetary compensation at this time, perks include the aforementioned along with lots of free BABY SWAG (mommy swag too!)"

Another online site dependant on writers to give them the "highest quality editorial content and trend-savvy insight," yet they are not willing to pay to get it. These scammers who want people to work for nothing will never learn that writers cannot pay their bills or feed our own families with "exposure" (i.e. credit and bio in their publication) or baby SWAG or mommy SWAG (whatever that is), until writers quit responding to these offensive ads.


Blogger Shannan Powell said...

Ok, I really NEED to know what baby swag is and if my one year old is hopelessly out of style without it. Maybe I should write a free article and find out what it is...HAHA!

7:24 PM CST  

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