Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Creative Thinkers Unite!

"Some people are capable of thinking creatively. Others generally have few if any creative thoughts. There are people who are innate creative thinkers and do not fully realize it. We have over one thousand interesting inventions. Many are for babies. They include baby toys, educational gadgets, and devices to improve the quality of their lives. We even have fun video games that teach a wide range of creative skills when they grow up..! We are actively seeking creative minds to look at these ideas in their present stages, and suggest improvements, changes, variations and/or other uses for the products. There are no gimmicks. Pay us nothing. We pay you what could possibly be lots of money, if your suggestion contributes to the eventual successful marketing of a new idea. A contract would spell out the details. It will assure you get credit for your input. More on that later."

Don't pay us, we'll pay you? Wow, what a creative concept for a job! Oh, wait, I only get paid if the untested product I'm testing on my baby makes it in the market place? Oh, well, more on that's only money to buy baby a new pair of shoes.


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