Friday, May 04, 2007

Lots of Attention with Press Releases

My writing buddy and a reader of the blog, Heather Larson submitted this gem:

"A brand new atlanta print publication is looking for some of the best freelance writers around. Yes there is pay. Here's how it works, I give the topic, you submit an article if it's chosen as the cover story you get paid. Pay is $50 for cover story. All other articles are not paid. The publication will also have a website attachment where your work will be published as well. Not to mention all the attentiion the editor will give you in press releases. "

Wow....this is like a writing contest and those who win get the cover AND $50!? Woohoo!

Dear Readers....
Beginning Monday, the format of this blog will change. Readers seem to love learning about writing from other writers and the author Q&A has become quite a popular event, so I'm extending that to Monday and Friday. Tuesday, I will still try to locate legitimate paying writing opportunities. On Wednesday, I'll be posting anecdotes from seasoned freelancers on how great the writing life is. Thursday will be questions from readers or my own musings.

Don't worry Craigs List Curmudgeon is still outing scammers at and I'm sure he/she would be happy to take any leads you send. As well, the irreverent freelancer at is still saying "Screw You" to scammers and bad clients.


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