Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What a Job

I like Elizabeth's take on why she loves being a freelancer. I wish I could have done that for myself this year, but it gives me some ideas about next summer:

"I like the fact that my boss isn't insane (unlike a previous full-time job). And she always approves my vacation requests! :)I also like the fact that I can have better control of my revenue stream.For example, this year I took on lots of extra work early in the year to bank enough money so I can actually take a couple of months off this summer to focus on personal writing projects."

Elizabeth Kricfalusi is a freelance writer in San Jose, California. Most of her experience is in corporate writing, but a couple of years ago she decided to dip a toe into the magazine world and has since been published in Real Simple, For Me, Backpacker, and Sunset.

Web site:


Blogger Sue said...

My friends joke that I have the meanest boss ever now who makes me work on vacation.

12:53 PM CDT  

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