Thursday, August 30, 2007

Early to Bed

When I did the cops and courts beat, I was a night person - almost had to be to cover the numerous murders in my hometown. I would write late into the night, sometimes be awakened to be on the scene of a crime, go in to monitor the phones in the newsroom and come home by 2 p.m. after deadline. Even then, though, I was a slave to someone else's schedule. And when the new publishing company installed timeclocks?
Well, for-get-about-it.
Now, I like to get up early, get my writing done while my mind is still fresh. I place calls and do administrative work in the afternoon.
I got up this morning at 4:30, read my newly adopted small-town paper (tomorrow I will get two, since the weekly comes out as well!) I will now finish my emails, read some more papers online, take the dogs for their walk and settle in to finish two deadlines - all by 11 a.m.
I don't have a timeclock to punch, if I get tired, I can take a meditative nap (and usually do at 11) and awaken refreshed for the afternoon work.
I don't have to adopt anyone else's schedule.
That's what I love about the freelance writing life this week.


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