Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Medical Writer Wanted

5 Month Freelance Science/Medical Writer (Comp: Amount not stated) (Seattle) :;_ylt=AixnGtNUUiVyB6MlXR7Glq_6Q6IX?search_url=%2Fjob-search-k-freelance-t-twodays%3Fsort%5Btype%5D%3DdateDisease research is Fred Hutchinson's focus, but like many medium-sized and large employers, the center depends on a range of occupations - scientific and nonscientific - to keep the center running and the research moving forward. With more than 2,500 employees, Fred Hutchinson offers many opportunities for professional development, increased responsibility and career advancement. The following sections provide more information about employment at Fred Hutchinson. About Us Program Publication Background: The Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) develops evidence-based, economically feasible, and culturally appropriate consensus guidelines for international breast health and cancer control for low- and middle-income countries (LMCs) to improve breast health outcomes. The BHGI holds a biennial "Global Summit on International Breast Health" ("Global Summit") as the basis for development of Guidelines for International Breast Health and Cancer Control ("Guidelines") which define best practices for early detection, diagnosis, treatment and health care systems relative to breast cancer in LMCs. Two iterations of the BHGI Guidelines have been published (2003, 2006). The third Global Summit, scheduled October 1 - 4, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary, will bring together 100 international cancer experts from around the world to address and define key issues of Guidelines implementation in LMCs. The Global Summit presentations and panel discussions will be the basis for development of the third iteration of the Guidelines. Actual writing of the Guidelines will follow in the five to six months after the summit. Key points from the summit's presentations and panel discussions will be prepared for the writer / editor to incorporate into the manuscripts, which will be drafted by the Work Outline. Major Duties Work Outline The BHGI seeks a free-lance writer/editor to work on the development and submittal for publication of the 2008 Guidelines beginning late October or early November 2007 until submission to the journal, CANCER, March 10, 2007. The Guidelines (publication 2008) will include the following: • Five Consensus Statement Articles, 10-20 pages each: Overview, Early Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment and Health Care Systems o Each article will have first and second author. The first and second author will develop the draft article. The writer will work with the first and second author to edit the draft article, incorporating input of their specific international panel (16-18 panelists per panel). The writer will work closely with the BHGI Chair and Director in MS preparation. • Four or more Individual Articles, FOCUS GROUPS, 5-10 pages each: research, economic modeling, radiation therapy and pathology • Individual Articles, GLOBAL SUMMIT PRESENTATIONS, 5-10 pages each: # to be determined • Individual articles, ADVOCACY, 5-10 pages each: # to be determined Qualifications • The position requires a true scientific/medical writer who has lay knowledge of oncology and cancer. • Freelance writer / editor position requires "fluency" in medical oncology. • Guidelines publication is an international, collaborative project • Est. work will involve approximately 10-60+ hours per month (more hours some weeks, less hours others, some weeks there will be nothing to do. November will be slow). • Est. hourly average approximately $50 per hour. • The work of writing/editing will be done on a secure web portal via Microsoft product called Sharepoint, eliminating innumerable email from the contributing authors. • College degree, preferably in journalism, English or communication, or in science with coursework in journalism or significant work-related writing experience • Ability to translate complex scientific ideas that convey the significance and potential impact of research to the public, and the ability to define complex scientific concepts and words • A combination of four or more years experience in proposal writing, journalism • ,Evidence of success in writing for the general public about science or technology • Superior command of written English including technical matters of composition such as grammar, syntax, punctuation etc. • Enthusiasm for and understanding of biomedical/cancer research • Able to express ideas that effectively communicate case, vision, or need to multiple audiences. Audiences may range from the general public to professional scientific staff • Excellent investigative skills and the ability to navigate through a complex organization • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and to meet deadlines • Able to work smoothly with others, elicit cooperation and contribute to a group effort toward achieving department goals Pay,Benefits, & Work Schedule Hourly 5 months, temporary position No benefits Other Information Job Number NH-21195 How To Apply This position is a five-month temporary assignment INTERESTED PARTIES SHOULD SEND FORMAL COVER LETTER, RESUME AND THREE (3) CANCER RELATED WRITING SAMPLES TO: Equal Employment Opportunity The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance are equal opportunity employers, committed to workforce diversity.


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