Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Writers Wanted for Redbook Post Legit?

A recent ad on New York's Craig's List caught lots of attention because it is supposedly a call for writers for Redbook, "one of the country's leading women's magazines," (their words). The post is at:
But there's several red flags (pun intended here) about this ad - first, we're talking about the mega-giant, Hearst, who could easily afford to advertise for writers elsewhere. These consumer women magazines are hard to break into and I find it difficult to believe that even if they were looking for "real women" (meaning women who are not writers by profession), they would advertise on a free service. Next, when companies such as this advertise, they usually list at least a general mailbox at the corporation to add legitimacy. This ad has you responding to the general job email at Craig's List.
The ad is seeking women who have been out of the workforce for awhile and who are returning to work. Redbook or scammer or potential stalker?
If you see this ad, just beware this may not be Redbook. I sent an email to Redbook's PR person. I got an auto-reply that she's out of the office. Hopefully, I'll have a definitive answer tomorrow.


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