Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey - I Interviewed That Guy!

What's great about the freelancing life? Apryl Chapman Thomas had this to say:

"Seeing an expert source you have interviewed on Fox News, etc and telling everyone around you, that yes, you the little freelancer interviewed that same person for an article. The source I interviewed is an expert on airline/traveling safety post 9-11. He was a former secret service agent - great credentials and I happen to have snagged him for an article about traveling in a post 9-11 world for a regional publication. I was watching Fox News one day, and one of their guests happened to be him. He was plugging his new book and talking about a whole host of things. It took a moment to connect - I knew I heard the name and then it came to me. I was so ecstatic!"

Apryl Chapman Thomas
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