Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dog is God Spelled Backward

My dogs are always with me. When we lived in the city, there were 3 dog beds in my office and they all laid patiently while I did my work.
Now that we have my office in our bedroom while we decide how to make an addition onto the cabin, they still crowd in here with me while I work.
Molly and Dakota, the two small dogs, lay up on the bed. Emma and Sadie, the two larger dogs (we acquired Sadie the night before our move) lay on soft blankets on the floor behind me.
They're my co-workers, providing me with comic relief when I look back and see Sadie has fallen asleep with her "bo-bo" in her mouth. They provide me comfort when I need a warm, furry body to hug; an outlet for my thoughts when they need a walk and distraction when I need to focus on something other than the computer screen.
Today, my dogs are what I love about the freelance life.


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