Thursday, September 06, 2007

Working Vacations

My husband is here this week, on what we think will be his last vacation at his job of 23 years. Given we've already taken about 5 weeks so far this year to get the house read to sell, move and go to Germany, my vacation bank is officially empty. But the hubby saved a lot of his time through the years, leaving him with nearly 4 months built up. He's cashing in the rest as he's been applying and interviewing for jobs here, which has given me time to get caught up on some projects.
So far, I've had a "working vacation," getting down to business when he's been on appointments, and enjoying the vacation atmosphere when he's been here. Just because my business plan calls for a certain amount of time off each year doesn't meet I can't hit "delete" and change it! There's no HR snob telling me I have to work until January 1 to build up more.
That's what I love about the freelance life today.


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