Friday, September 07, 2007

Learning the Biz

I have some take away experiences from the corporate world, including keeping up with continuing education.
Taking classes keeps me focused and fresh.
I've taken query classes and I'm taking a business class now and have learned a lot in just 3 weeks. I'm also taking a photography class. The photographer is excellent, his critiques are beneficial, but I think photography classes for me is something that needs to be interactive. I belonged to a critique group when I first started out which helped me develop my eye for lighting and composition - as well as the different software programs. Since it was on a college campus, it was very interactive. I liked the teacher and I liked sharing with the fellow students. We are of all levels and it was a very good experience. Online classes is my only option right now as I live too far away from any college campus with advanced writing courses. But I've learned a few things from the online classes I've taken. When choosing an online class:

  • Read the course description carefully. Make sure you have the time and technological wits to do everything the class requires.
  • If you have preconceived thoughts as to how the class will go, ask the instructor. For example, if interaction with other students is important, ask the teacher if you will have it.
  • Find out if it will be done via email or in an online classroom setting. This is important as dozens of emails from classmembers going back and forth sometimes gets annoying.
  • Weigh where you're at in your career, does making this particular area stronger go along with your business plan?

After you've done all this, pay your money and get ready to study!


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