Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not Meeting Year End Goals - Amp it up a Bit

Another take from a writer who is also the mother of two young ones:

I knew I needed to get some work in before the end of the year to get close to meeting my goals, so I took anything that came my way. I didn't slow down on querying, in fact, things were slow over Thanksgiving, so I amped it up a bit then.

I have been spreading myself thinner during this time of year, but I get through it by planning to go easy after the holidays. I just try to make sure I really focus on what I am doing and get the most out of my hours during the day when the kids are at daycare. Typically I do some cleaning and errand running during the day, but now I leave that to be done later when my husband can help. Then I can relly devote my days to work and evenings and weekends with my family.

-Tammy Worth


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